Monday, 9 May 2011

Royally Long Weekends

Even though this is over a week late, you can't be a blogger living in London and not mention the Royal Wedding.

Coming in the second half of two much needed long weekends, a day off work is a great way to get in the mood.

The first thing that surprised me was just how early the whole thing started - an early night for the bride and groom then.

I had my own relatively early start to make my way across town to a friends Tea Party & Pimms outing in Clapham.

Throughout Chiswick pubs were covered in flags and bunting - the Tabard Theatre was in a particularly festive mood. On my way to the train station I passed several little girls in their own Princess outfits.

Now to the ceremony. With limited religious knowledge I had no idea just how long Anglican wedding ceremonies were - and they certainly do go on. I wonder how it compares to a Catholic one.

I just loved the Queen's scene stealing yellow. And when the congregation sung the national anthem I also love that she just gets to nod and have a little smile to herself. She's so PIMP!

Can't remember what the other guests wore, I remember a crazy amount of hats.

Despite the length and heaps of stuff I didn't understand, I will admit to suffering Wedding Fever.
If you ever find yourself in a royal wedding make sure you pack a snack, some form of music player & a book. Or some of those glasses with the eyes painted on.

We were all pleasantly surprised by Kate's dress and quickly googled Grace Kelly's similar outfit.

Then when William couldn't get the ring on - OMG we were all shouting at the TV. I guess her fingers swelled up a bit with the stress.

Overall it made for a sweet and interesting television experience. Definitely one for the girls.

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