Friday, 11 March 2011

Not Japan too

What is going on! Christchurch and now Japan - I don't know if they are connected, but I really hope the earth has finished releasing pressure and has realigned itself!

My thoughts first turned to my Contiki friend & fellow Tweeter, Emily, who teaches English in Okuma.

Only two hours earlier she was celebrating graduation with her students and now it sounds like she's stuck at the school following the massive 8.9 quake.

Thanks to Facebook we know she is safe, but scared. "I'm still at school do I stay here is it safe to be in the gym." 

It seems like txts are being sent, but calls aren't connecting. 

Thinking of everyone in Japan - a beautiful country. I hope they manage to avoid the horrible loss of life that we saw in Christchurch.

Stay safe.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Irish Twins Big Fat Greek Birthday

Since you last stopped by my blog dear readers I am now a full year older - However, it would appear I am none the wiser, smarter or richer.

This was my first birthday spent overseas, away from the people who actually gave me my birthday and all the comforts and routine that provides.
Luckily, I have a very special Irish Twin to share the occasion with. Having best buddy Anja born on the same day certainly helps with the celebratory atmosphere!

The day started well with a phone call from the parentals followed by live commentary of me opening the presents they had sent.

Next, was a visit to one of my favourite Chiswick food-spots Crepe Parisienne for delish French delights & one of the few decent cups of coffee I have found in the city.

The only interruption to this blissfully perfect day was a trip to the bank to set up an account and the purchasing of a vacuum cleaner (a hoover - how very British of us!)! Even the bank-lady felt sorry for me!

But a new pair of shoes and a CK dress later (Thank you TKMaxx - you are a life saver for a cheap-ass girl like me!) and I was feeling all fancy-like.

Finally come evening, the boyfriend and I were trekking our way across town to the Real Greek for dinner with 16 friends.

The food was - ahhh - so good, Greek & tasty!

The only downside, was this place stuck to a sort of Tapas menu - there was no moussaka or spanakopita in sight.

It was pretty quiet when we arrived - we quickly put a stop to that - even stuff our faces with food didn't dull our noisy bunch.
I think we all left at least 5 kgs heavier than we arrived. Which in my mind, equals the perfect birthday.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Laser beam eyes are the best kind of eyes

Laser beam eyes, death stare, evil eye. Whatever you call them I'm sure you've all applied it in your day-to-day lives.
And never have I had more urges to use my laser beams than in London.

The tube, walking down the street or waiting in a line are all prime opportunities for me to will people to burst into flame.

"This train is full why can't you wait for the next one instead of stabbing me in the back with your stupid book?" LASER!

"That's okay, why should you and your six friends even think of moving out of the way I love walking into oncoming traffic!" LASER!

If things get really serious you can always employ the turn and stare laser beam for a truly frightening effect.

I had cause to break out the beams on Tuesday night during after work drinks and burgers with a group of friends at Big Chill House, Kings Cross. 

There were eight of us at the busy, but not packed, bar/restaurant and while there was room at the bar we were struggling to get a table. 

So a couple decide they deserved to have a whole eight-seater table to themselves. To make things worse they spent half the night leaving their drinks on the table and wondering out for cigarettes.

They must have had incredibly thick skin, because no amount of laser eyes could make them move or even get the hint.

Rant over.

At least the burgers were great.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Good time sir

Well, that was interesting! I was just about to start typing when an email flashed up on my screen titled "Good time sir".

I may not be a Sir, but I'd sure like to be. What a weird way to greet someone.

This is rather a nothing about nothing blog, because I haven't been inspired by anything loosely resembling a theme.

The most common occurrence these past few weeks has been birthdays, birthdays and more birthdays.

Four last week to be precise and my very own date of birth is this Saturday.

I share my special day with one of my very best friends, Anja. I'm hoping that makes being so far away from home a little easier.

The boyfriend's birthday was last week and he was a little down because his favourite restaurant, Lara, was closed for refubishment. We did find a suitable alternative in the Oriental Brasserie where we tucked into a selection of tasty Asian treats.

I can't rave-on enough about their coconuty-chocolatey dessert! It's a ball of ice cream with meragin through the middle and rolled in chocolate, coconut and chopped peanuts - heaven!


A week on and Christchurch is never far from my mind. As more and more stories come out, them number of deaths climb and the level of destruction becomes more apparent it's hard to grasp just how big this whole disaster is.

My thoughts are with all the peeps in the Garden City & anyone with friends or family there.