Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Irish Twins Big Fat Greek Birthday

Since you last stopped by my blog dear readers I am now a full year older - However, it would appear I am none the wiser, smarter or richer.

This was my first birthday spent overseas, away from the people who actually gave me my birthday and all the comforts and routine that provides.
Luckily, I have a very special Irish Twin to share the occasion with. Having best buddy Anja born on the same day certainly helps with the celebratory atmosphere!

The day started well with a phone call from the parentals followed by live commentary of me opening the presents they had sent.

Next, was a visit to one of my favourite Chiswick food-spots Crepe Parisienne for delish French delights & one of the few decent cups of coffee I have found in the city.

The only interruption to this blissfully perfect day was a trip to the bank to set up an account and the purchasing of a vacuum cleaner (a hoover - how very British of us!)! Even the bank-lady felt sorry for me!

But a new pair of shoes and a CK dress later (Thank you TKMaxx - you are a life saver for a cheap-ass girl like me!) and I was feeling all fancy-like.

Finally come evening, the boyfriend and I were trekking our way across town to the Real Greek for dinner with 16 friends.

The food was - ahhh - so good, Greek & tasty!

The only downside, was this place stuck to a sort of Tapas menu - there was no moussaka or spanakopita in sight.

It was pretty quiet when we arrived - we quickly put a stop to that - even stuff our faces with food didn't dull our noisy bunch.
I think we all left at least 5 kgs heavier than we arrived. Which in my mind, equals the perfect birthday.

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