Sunday, 31 October 2010

Champagne and cake - all in a days work

I got a job! A temp job! Until Wednesday...

If you've been reading you'll see I went to an interview on Thursday, but this is another role.

Without wanting to name-names I'm now processing orders for a well-known luxury goods and cosmetics firm - let's call them the Designer.

Finding out that I was working for an elite company made me both excited and nervous - ooo it's going to be fancy-pants, but possibly pretentious.

But I was totally wrong on both points.

The Designer is in an understated office in southern greater London and staffed with some of the loveliest and most down to earth people I've meet since moving here.

My work is fairly simple and involves processing fax and email orders for the flat out customer service team - simple but it keeps me busy.

The office is filled with perfume and makeup as are the bathrooms  it's makeover heaven. And the kitchen has the coolest - and yummiest - coffee machine I've ever seen.

Friday flew by and around 4:30pm the big boss came downstairs along with other office workers to fill us up with champagne and cake (one of the perks of working at a company that has stakes in wine!).

So bring on tomorrow - my second day at work in three months!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

A small success

Well, I have a job interview tomorrow. It might not be for a media job, but it has good pay and is close to home so it will suit for now.

So far I've had two interviews with employers and several with agencies and sent out what feels like hundreds of CVs.

The process here feels very different than in NZ. First up there are many more people applying for the jobs so it takes a lot longer to hear back - if you hear back at all!

Also, everything is done by email so it means even after an interview if you don't get the job you're more likely to get a friendly email then a phone call.

So all going well tomorrow I'll be set up with a good temp role in a company that sounds like it's a fun place to work.

Fingers crossed!

Monday, 25 October 2010

In sickness and health...

I'm currently sitting on the couch a snotty, coughing mess - tissues growing in a pile beside me.


If you haven't noticed already I'm feeling a little sorry for myself at present.

I have managed to drag myself from my sick bed and apply for some more jobs as well as clean the food-bomb site that was our kitchen.

Thankfully my boyfriend is lovely and is on his way to get me some dinner - awwww.

He had his flu-shot today so aside from a sore arm he should be free of any future aliments - but that doesn't include the common cold so I guess I'm still infectious.

It's times like these I wish they'd left the 'P' in cold and flu tablets - they were the best at killing off my colds from Nam.

So apologies for my rambling blog - hopefully I'll be a little more coherent tomorrow.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Let's get physical, physical!

After two months of fast food and massive portions in the US I've joined the gym.

For years I've been a regular gym bunny, but the last 70 days have seen my fitness level drop dramatically - and my jeans were starting to feel a little tight.

I have a bit of time on my hands these days and to stop my life from becoming an endless cycle of CVs and applications I thought a bit of sweaty activity out of the house would do me a world of good.

There were a plethora of options in Chiswick, but the majority were "health clubs" which loosely translates to "extremely out of my price range" like this one...

In the end I settled on West4 a friendly, community gym. It's still fairly expensive when you're thinking in NZ dollars, but cheap in London terms.

I wont go into how lost I got trying to find it the first time - who would put two streets with the name 'Sutton' right next to each other! - but so far I'm enjoying my daily dose of calisthenics.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Vimto, I'm a slave for you!

I dream of your indigo, purple, red, blue and green can - if I'm extra lucky you'll be dressed in white.  Your sweet, but not too sweet fruitiness. Your certain je ne sas quoi.... I heart you Vimto!

As you can see I'm on to one of my favourite blog topics - food and drink. I can promise there'll be many, many more to come.

I had my first Vimto at Aunty and Uncle's shop and it was love at first sip.

It's taste is hard to describe - like a fruity creaming soda that's not sickly sweet.

The Vimto website says:
"Vimto is made from a top-secret recipe, one that's been passed down from John Nichols (Vimto's creator) to us - and he said not to tell anyone! What we can tell you is that our secret formula includes a mix of three fruit juices - grape, blackcurrant and raspberry - along with a mysterious blend of 23 fruit essences, herbs and spices. And we can also tell you that we only pick the very best ingredients to ensure that your Vimto tastes totally terrific!"

Vimto was created as a tonic over 100 years ago in Britain and can now be bought around the world! ummmm.

Supposedly it's really big in the Middle East - those people have great taste!

My kiwi readers who want to try this amazing beverage should visit this store in Onehunga or order online.

Here's a rather funny ad for the world's best drink by Purple Ronnie...

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Dr! Dr I feel sick!

Visas - check

British cell phones - check

NI number - almost check

Find a doctor…..
It’s not that we needed one urgently, but seeing that both Nick and I tend to be walking medicine cabinets we thought we’d  better sort it out quickly.

We turned up around 11:30am hoping to fill in some forms and be on our way, but soon found out it wouldn’t be so simple.

“We only register new patients between 8-11am so you’ll have to come back tomorrow,” the receptionist told us.

We’d also need a letter with our address and our passports.

So once again we rolled up at the medical centre - this time at 10:30.

“Sorry, but registration takes one hour so I suggest you come back tomorrow,” the always helpful receptionist told us.

Finally, the next morning we were there by 8:30 and were handed several forms by a nice woman. Then we were told to pee in a cup - so far this is turning into the weirdest doctors appointment ever.

The most awkward part was handing the sample back to the woman in the middle of a busy waiting room.

Plus, I was slightly worried I’d get a funny test result as I taken multi-vitamins in the morning that make my pee bright yellow (extra vitamin B).

We were each are seen by a tiny South-East Asian nurse who kept apologising for her English - it seemed perfect to me!

She was warm and friendly and seemed genuinely concerned with our health.

Despite being florescent my pee was fine. Then came the questionnaire.

“How many servings of fruit and veg do you eat a day? How much salt ? How often do you exercise?

“Do you smoke? No take drugs? No. Drink – how many? Five a week - that’s
 about a bottle of wine.”

But nick admitted to drinking eight beers a week which put him “over the limit” and he was moved onto the “special form“.

“Have you ever hurt yourself or others while drinking? Have you ever woken up and not known how you got there? Do you need a drink first thing in the morning?”

Thankfully, Nick answered ‘No’ to all of the above.

Half an hour later and it was time to see the doctor, Maria. Nick was a little weirded-out by the fact that all five doctors were women - he’s never had a female doctor before.

But Maria removed all fears. A lovely Spanish woman, she recommended I book myself in with the asthma nurse as the winters here can be extremely nasty.

And that was that. One hour gone - Find doctor - check.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Computer says no…

You know that character in Little Britain – bespectacled middle-aged woman in a blouse and vest with long greasy hair sitting behind a desk who can’t possibly help because “computer says no”.

Before the character was never more than a humorous skit, but after moving to London the uninterested, unhelpful customer service representative is a frightening reality.

As a former civil servant, I know just how hard the majority of these people work, well in New Zealand at least. I will never again complain about waiting in line for the IRD call centre.

It began even before we left for overseas.

Applying for a Youth Mobility Visa takes time. Fill in a form, scan your fingerprints then send everything off along with your passport, a return envelope and $300 to Canberra.

One month later and no sign of my Visa I emailed the UK Visa office. Several days later I get an email back saying my Visa has been approved, but there was no return envelope. Now, I knew I’d sent one, but rather than get into an email battle went down to the post office and sent a second envelope to Australia. Finally, a couple of days later what should appear in my letterbox but my passport complete with Visa in my original envelope!


One of the first things you have to do when you want to work in the UK is set up a National Insurance number – it’s kind of like a tax and an ACC payment all in one.

On our forth day in the country I rang up the NI Office and after a few basic questions a pack of forms were make their way from Scotland to Chiswick.

Now, it was slightly for a more complicated for Nick. Being a British Citizen he had to visit the NI office and have an interview in just under a month’s time

My package arrived quite quickly and two days later they were heading back to Scotland.

I followed Nick to his NI interview for moral support. It was a wet and chilly London day as we travelled 45mins on the tube. The interviews take place in a giant, open office – no privacy here – you can easily listen in on the various personal interviews going on around you.

“Now is that your FIRST name or your LAST name?”

The lovely reception lady took a look at Nick’s form.

“It’s nice to have an easy name for once,” she said only half joking.

Shortly Nick was taken to one of the 15 or so desks.

“How long have you been in the UK? How did you get a British Passport? Where are you living? Now, I’ve just got to get my supervisor to check these and I’ll have them back to you in 15minutes.”

One hour later Nick has his documents and an NI number should arrive in two weeks.

Over one month later there is no sign of my own number so I pick up the phone and ring Scotland.

“I’ve been waiting for over a month and was wondering where my number is?”

“Reference number please….okay, it (the computer) says your application was received too late so it was cancelled. You’ll have to ring the mainline again and make an appointment.”

“But I sent it just two days after I got it?!”

“Well, there’s nothing I can do you have to make an appointment.”

It turns out I don’t need an appointment just another set of forms. I asked if there was anyway to get them to Scotland quicker so they don’t arrive late, sadly there’s not.

“Hopefully they’ll arrive quicker this time.”

Hopefully indeed.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Welcome to Chiswick – cheese town

On September 2 we arrived in London Heathrow. A seven hour flight from New York JFK to Frankfurt then another hour to England.

It was an awkward flight, but pretty uneventfully. We didn’t get our own tv sets so that put a stop to my planned movie viewing.

In Frankfurt we had a two hour wait before heading to London. We had to go though screening again and wouldn’t you know they picked up something in my carry on. Nick’s diabetic needles and insulin were fine but they made me unpack my laptop and this….

The customs girl’s eyes lit up… “It’s so cute!” as she proceeded to dance the beaver around to the other female officers.

We were led to a small office where the computer and Canadian were given the once over with a drug swab – poor little Canuck beaver!

A little dance with the officer and he was returned to me with the laptop and we were on our way.

Since we arrive in England on a European flight the non-EU line was shorter and so despite his British passport Nick jumped in the foreigner line with me.

With our massive packs on our backs we jumped on the Piccadilly line tube – I’m glad I’ve visited before as it makes getting around a lot easier. We’re staying with Nick’s Aunty and Uncle so we follow their directions to Chiswick.

After a change at Acton in no time at all we are at Turnham Green Station. Turn left out of the station followed by short walk down the road and we are home.

The place we’ll be calling home is over a shop on Turnham Green Terrace right in the middle of all the action.

Chiswick is part of the borough of Hounslow. The name comes from the Old English for cheese farm (thanks Wikipedia). It’s very pretty with plenty of shops, caf├ęs, restaurants and pubs - it’s a little bit posh.

But none of that mattered as all that was on our minds was sleep and as soon as we hit the pillow we were gone.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Rule, Britannia

One month in and still no job. Welcome to my London life! Well, isn't that a cheery way to start a blog - but never fear, I'm largely a positive soul so now that that's out of the way...

Drum roll please...

Welcome to my London Blog!

Here I'll be piecing together a collection of musings, stories, questions and possibly even some advice for those looking to journey to the Motherland.

Sit back, relax and boil up a brew.

Welcome to my London story... Rule Britannia!