Monday, 25 October 2010

In sickness and health...

I'm currently sitting on the couch a snotty, coughing mess - tissues growing in a pile beside me.


If you haven't noticed already I'm feeling a little sorry for myself at present.

I have managed to drag myself from my sick bed and apply for some more jobs as well as clean the food-bomb site that was our kitchen.

Thankfully my boyfriend is lovely and is on his way to get me some dinner - awwww.

He had his flu-shot today so aside from a sore arm he should be free of any future aliments - but that doesn't include the common cold so I guess I'm still infectious.

It's times like these I wish they'd left the 'P' in cold and flu tablets - they were the best at killing off my colds from Nam.

So apologies for my rambling blog - hopefully I'll be a little more coherent tomorrow.

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