Friday, 22 October 2010

Let's get physical, physical!

After two months of fast food and massive portions in the US I've joined the gym.

For years I've been a regular gym bunny, but the last 70 days have seen my fitness level drop dramatically - and my jeans were starting to feel a little tight.

I have a bit of time on my hands these days and to stop my life from becoming an endless cycle of CVs and applications I thought a bit of sweaty activity out of the house would do me a world of good.

There were a plethora of options in Chiswick, but the majority were "health clubs" which loosely translates to "extremely out of my price range" like this one...

In the end I settled on West4 a friendly, community gym. It's still fairly expensive when you're thinking in NZ dollars, but cheap in London terms.

I wont go into how lost I got trying to find it the first time - who would put two streets with the name 'Sutton' right next to each other! - but so far I'm enjoying my daily dose of calisthenics.

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