Thursday, 21 October 2010

Vimto, I'm a slave for you!

I dream of your indigo, purple, red, blue and green can - if I'm extra lucky you'll be dressed in white.  Your sweet, but not too sweet fruitiness. Your certain je ne sas quoi.... I heart you Vimto!

As you can see I'm on to one of my favourite blog topics - food and drink. I can promise there'll be many, many more to come.

I had my first Vimto at Aunty and Uncle's shop and it was love at first sip.

It's taste is hard to describe - like a fruity creaming soda that's not sickly sweet.

The Vimto website says:
"Vimto is made from a top-secret recipe, one that's been passed down from John Nichols (Vimto's creator) to us - and he said not to tell anyone! What we can tell you is that our secret formula includes a mix of three fruit juices - grape, blackcurrant and raspberry - along with a mysterious blend of 23 fruit essences, herbs and spices. And we can also tell you that we only pick the very best ingredients to ensure that your Vimto tastes totally terrific!"

Vimto was created as a tonic over 100 years ago in Britain and can now be bought around the world! ummmm.

Supposedly it's really big in the Middle East - those people have great taste!

My kiwi readers who want to try this amazing beverage should visit this store in Onehunga or order online.

Here's a rather funny ad for the world's best drink by Purple Ronnie...

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