Friday, 11 March 2011

Not Japan too

What is going on! Christchurch and now Japan - I don't know if they are connected, but I really hope the earth has finished releasing pressure and has realigned itself!

My thoughts first turned to my Contiki friend & fellow Tweeter, Emily, who teaches English in Okuma.

Only two hours earlier she was celebrating graduation with her students and now it sounds like she's stuck at the school following the massive 8.9 quake.

Thanks to Facebook we know she is safe, but scared. "I'm still at school do I stay here is it safe to be in the gym." 

It seems like txts are being sent, but calls aren't connecting. 

Thinking of everyone in Japan - a beautiful country. I hope they manage to avoid the horrible loss of life that we saw in Christchurch.

Stay safe.

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