Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Good time sir

Well, that was interesting! I was just about to start typing when an email flashed up on my screen titled "Good time sir".

I may not be a Sir, but I'd sure like to be. What a weird way to greet someone.

This is rather a nothing about nothing blog, because I haven't been inspired by anything loosely resembling a theme.

The most common occurrence these past few weeks has been birthdays, birthdays and more birthdays.

Four last week to be precise and my very own date of birth is this Saturday.

I share my special day with one of my very best friends, Anja. I'm hoping that makes being so far away from home a little easier.

The boyfriend's birthday was last week and he was a little down because his favourite restaurant, Lara, was closed for refubishment. We did find a suitable alternative in the Oriental Brasserie where we tucked into a selection of tasty Asian treats.

I can't rave-on enough about their coconuty-chocolatey dessert! It's a ball of ice cream with meragin through the middle and rolled in chocolate, coconut and chopped peanuts - heaven!


A week on and Christchurch is never far from my mind. As more and more stories come out, them number of deaths climb and the level of destruction becomes more apparent it's hard to grasp just how big this whole disaster is.

My thoughts are with all the peeps in the Garden City & anyone with friends or family there.

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