Monday, 4 April 2011

Things I don't miss about NZ

This might sound like a bit of a negative-Nancy topic for a blog, but since I've been terribly homesick of late I thought I'd put together a list of things I don't miss about NZ to make me feel a wee bit better about being overseas.

I promise when I'm in a better mood I'll make a 'Things I do miss about NZ' blog too.

1) Buses every hour
Back in my neck of the woods in West Auckland trying to get around without a car would take a German-like scheduling ability.  Missed your bus? Tough! You now have a lovely hour-long wait for the next one.
And when I say hour I actually mean anywhere between 45mins to 90mins - bus driver time.
Here in Chiswick we have six+ bus routes (two stop right outside our house, one of which runs 24hours) and the longest wait you'll have is 10mins - ahhhh. Progress.

2) Midnight Youth
Yes, I realise a lot of people like them, but for some reason I can't put my finger on I can't stand them! This dislike wasn't helped by the fact NZ tv and radio seemed to love them and in turn force feed them to audiences. So far away in the UK I am safe... for now.

3) Getting sunburnt in less than 10minutes
Thanks to a good layer of smog, fog, ozone and lower levels of sunlight I am able to walk from my office to the gym in the middle of the day without turning red.

4) Free doctors
While doctors in NZ are almost free there is a big difference between almost and completely. It should put an end to those times where you should probably go to the drs but really don't want to spend $20 for a 10 minute chat and a sick note.

5) Hayfever - gone!
By some magical miracle I no longer am a victim of year round hayfever. My dependence on
Antihistamines and a cabinet full of eczema creams has all but disappeared.
I don't know whether it is the air, the trees, the animals but something in the air in NZ wants to kill me.

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