Friday, 5 August 2011

Kiwis Getting Gay in New York City

Here's why you should vote for Finalist 3 - Dinnelle & Anneka to get hitched in NYC....

Like most people I like to think I try to help my friends and this is one way I know how.

Dinnelle & Anneka have been friends of mine for some time now, nearly 15 years.

I first meet Dinnelle in the good old days (okay, they really weren't good at all!) of intermediate school. Like the weird little kids we were we used to play Gladiators on the jungle gym and give each other stupid names like bumkiss - oh how clever we were.

Dinnelle & Anneka - they rock!
Two years later, I came across Anneka in high school. She did a mean Frank Spencer impersonation and love Harry Enfield. 

She'll deny it now, but she used to be a bit of a bully - in a fun way - and used to hide our school bags in trees.

Dinnelle, Anneka and I were part of a group of high school friends who were all very different, but had a great time together.

Fast forward eight years and we are all celebrating our 21st birthdays in true West Auckland style and we were all given some surprising and exciting news.

Now, we knew Dinnelle was bi-sexual, but Anneka was still straight as far as we knew.

"I'm seeing someone," said Anneka. "You wont guess who."

We then listed off the most unlikely candidates, namely awful boys from school.

"Nope. Dinnelle!"

And that was that.

Since then they have become one of my all time favourite couples, gay or straight.

They bring out the best in each other, they have stayed true to themselves and have built a great bunch family and friends around them.

Anyway, the point of this rambling blog is that a couple of years ago this fabulous twosome got engaged - big party with grandparents, parents, aunties, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters and of course friends!

And now they are in the finals for a trip to get Gay-Married in New York City - the latest state to allow same-sex unions.

Please vote for my friends to make their dreams come true. 

I can't think of a couple who deserves it more. xxx

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