Thursday, 8 September 2011

Rugby World What?!

Okay, so I kinda stole that headline from my friend's t-shirt design.

Even over here in Old Blighty there is no escaping the monster that is Rugby World Cup hype - not that I'm saying it's a bad thing!

Working in an Aussie/Kiwi (okay, mostly Aussie) office means there will be a lot of friendly rivalry going on over the next few weeks.

Also our lovely little travellers are largely antipodeans so we will tap into & feed their excitement too.

So far my efforts to get into the spirit of NZ's big event is to buy some black tissue paper to decorate my desk (it's all I could find, so Silver Ferns in London) and download the Outlook Calendar rugby app with all the game times.

I'm pretty far from being either a rugby fan or a rugby hater.

This t-shirt collection called 'This is Not a Rugby Shirt' by my lovely artist/cartoonist/designer friend Kilowatt Katie nicely sums up my middle of the road feelings about the sport.

My first memory of a Rugby World Cup is watching the match in the games room at our friend's parents house way back in 2003 and seeing a room full of teenage boys close to tears as the All Blacks lost to Australia in the semi-finals.

The image that is burned into my mind is of my friend Andy slowly swinging on a children's swing set, looking at the ground and sipping on a beer.

So here we are again, 8 years and another loss later, will the ABs fair better this time round?
Well all I can say is they better (no pressure guys)! 

I don't think I can afford (or put up with) having a boyfriend who slips into a post-loss catatonic state.

Go All Blacks!

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