Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Goodbye My Travelling Friend

A dear travel companion left me at the weekend.

After 5 years of being practically inseparable, a Friday night party in West London proved to be our undoing.

Together we’d seen the wonders of Europe, the great pyramids of Egypt, trekked across America and explored the cities and outback of Australia.

Not only that, but you supported me through my day to day life in New Zealand, at work or play, rain or shine, and continued to do so in London.

Flip-flops, thongs, sandals, whatever others call them to me you were simply ‘my jandals’ and you were the most true and loyal friend.
Our last outing: Italy 2012
Some travellers prefer sneakers or Birkenstocks, but for me nothing can beat a good pair of rubber jandals. With the cool breeze and warm sun on your feet, no other footwear screams ‘holiday’ quite like them.

You can get them wet or dirty, they have fantastic grip, and there’s no need to worry about that rather uncomfortable sensation of getting sand or stones in your shoes.

I find them the perfect piece for all destinations from beach to the bar and everywhere in-between. The only time they might cause you trouble is when the temperatures drop and things get a little chilly (under no circumstances may socks be worn underneath).

Our last outing was in early August 2012, when we spent a steamy five days in Italy visiting Lucca and Cinque Terre.

You carried me along ancient cobbled streets, up seemingly endless steps and around stunning cliff-side trails through scorching 30-something⁰C temperatures and never once let me down.

Thanks to the endless sunshine I’ve been left with a special reminder of our time together in the form of a set of tan lines.

I’ll always remember the good times.

Goodbye baby blue Havaianas, we had a great ride. For my next pair I’m thinking navy.

My Jandals & Me: Through the Years

Sydney 2007
Dubrovnik 2008
Athens, Greece 2008
Theatre at Epidaurus, Greece 2008 
White Sands National Monument, New Mexico, USA 2010
Galveston, Texas, USA 2010
Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA 2010
MOMA, New York City, USA 2010
Canada 2010
Niagara Falls 2010
Stone Circle, Avebury, UK 2011
Burano, Venice, Italy 2011
Brighton, UK 2011

Kom Ombo, Egypt 2011
Temple of Horus, Egypt 2011
Step Pyramid, Saqqara, Egypt 2011
Old Trafford, Manchester, UK 2012

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