Wednesday, 2 April 2014

My Favourite Travel Meal: Germany, Croatia, Bosnia, Japan

When asked to pick my favourite travel meal I simply couldn't single out one of the many memorable feasts I've enjoyed around the world to stand out above the rest, so instead I narrowed it down to five. 

Whether because of the the location, the company or, of course, the food these meals will always hold a special place in my taste memory...


Sausages and sauerkraut - you can't go wrong with that.

We'd been warned that it can be fairly difficult to find traditional German cuisine in this multicultural city. With it being the husband's birthday we asked Visit Berlin for their expert opinion and they didn't disappoint. 

Das Meisterstueck offers traditional German meals with a modern twist. You'll find Bratwurst served alongside salmon and tofu sausages.

After a selection of starts from their display, I went for the classic six original Nueremberg sausages with Sauerkraut and freshly grated horseradish…

With a selection of craft German beers on offer and fantastic service it was the perfect birthday dinner.
Nueremberg sausages with Sauerkraut and freshly grated horseradish. Photo by Kara Segedin


Dining alone is something I've experienced numerous times. Sometimes it's a little awkward, especially if you're eating in an impersonal hotel restaurant, but largely it's a relaxing and enjoyable escape.

On my last trip to Northern Croatia I had a full day to myself to explore the seaside promenade (Lungomare) that stretches all the way from Preluka in Opatija to Lovran.

The 11km track is best undertaken at a leisurely pace with plenty of pauses for swimming, sunbathing, drinking and eating.

Around lunchtime I came across the traditional peka (Croatian BBQ) restaurant Lučica in Ičići. 

Built right onto the track, the restaurant with it’s thousands of colourful shells is hard to miss.

Taking a seat on one of the long benches I tucked into a fantastically fresh meal of BBQ'd squid (lignje) and salad. 

Sea breeze, boats, a cool glass of ice tea (ledeni čaj), a chilled out atmosphere and a great dish for one. 

Welcome to Lučica, Ičići, Croatia. Photo by Kara Segedin.
Lučica, Ičići, Croatia. Photo by Kara Segedin.
Lignje (squid) at Lučica, Ičići, Croatia. Photo by Kara Segedin.

Food with a view. Lučica, Ičići, Croatia. Photo by Kara Segedin.


Good food and good company in the form of two new friends - one of travel's finest pleasures.

I'd only met Rebecca and Phil a few days before at the start of our Balkan Road Trip (Med Experience) through Bosnia and were getting along swimmingly.

It was a chilly early October evening in Sarajevo as our trio made our way to the highly recommended (by our expert local-guide - "make sure you order the bread" he said) Dveri Restaurant.

The food throughout our trip had exceeded expectation - fresh, comforting, hearty and moreish (not a cuisine for the carb-aphobs out there) - and the dinner we had a Dveri didn't disappoint. 

Starting with a loaf of freshly baked pogača loaf and Ajvar (capsicum/pepper) dip and a large glass of red, we relaxed as the cosy restaurant quickly filled up.

My main meal of beef goulash also proved to be the perfect choice - warm, rich and completely satisfying.

A memorable evening sharing good food and wine with a couple of new friends. 
Homemade bread and Ajvar at Dveri, Sarajevo, Bosnia. Photo by Kara Segedin.
Dveri Goulash at Dveri, Sarajevo, Bosnia. Photo by Kara Segedin.
New friends at Dveri, Sarajevo, Bosnia. Photo by Kara Segedin.


In June 2013, in the village of my Segedin ancestors, we sat down to the most delicious homemade lunch served up by the team at Konoba Mate.

This was my second trip to Korčula and Pupnat, and Nick's (the other half) first.

After hiring what must have been the only automatic car on the island we went out to explore stopping at most of the villages and getting a little lost.

Korčula has a lot of potential for tourists outside the Old Town and I think it's only going to increase in popularity.

After exploring the beach at Pupnatska Luka we came back to sleepy little Pupnat for a bite to eat at the often recommended Konoba Mate.

We were quickly seated with our menus, and a bottle of old man-strength apéritif, and were soon joined by the a rather elderly local dog.

The food: fresh, clean, filling and well worth the trip.

Delicious entrée at Konoba Mate, Pupnat, Korčula. Photo by Kara Segedin.
Baba's Meatballs with homemade pasta at Konoba Mate, Pupnat, Korčula. Photo by Kara Segedin.
Chillin' in Konoba Mate, Pupnat, Korčula with a rather deadly apéritif. Photo by Kara Segedin.


It was a simple meal of chicken, vegetables and rice. We sat on the sunken tables you see in movies (very difficult in a denim skirt). We had to mime turning on a tap to ask for water. The whole thing cost around NZ$10 per person (a minor miracle in Tokyo I'm told).

Aside from the family holiday to the Gold Coast when I was 12 this was my first proper overseas experience.

For our 2004 university winter break, best friends Anja, Roxane and I spent a whole month in Croatia.

Flying with JAL we were treated to a night in Tokyo before the final leg of our flight to Rome.

Our hotel (seemingly in the middle of nowhere) offered a complimentary shuttle into the city so we jumped aboard to make the most of the handful of hours we had in Japan. 

This was our first meal together on what would be a life changing adventure.

The first of many.
Anja & Roxane: Chopstick pros. Photo by Kara Segedin
After our first meal in Japan. Photo by Kara Segedin

What was your favourite travel meal? Share your story (or link) below.


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    1. I can't for the life of me remember what they call that 'roll' of pasta!

  2. So many happy and tasty memories! Trying out local cuisine is definitely one of my favorite things about traveling :)

    1. :-D Yip. I find more and more I plan holidays around what I can eat :-D

  3. Wow, you have tried some really interesting dishes. Mus make a trip to Bosnia and Croatia.

  4. The whole Berlin/traditional food quandary? We had the best Chinese meal there. It was incredible!
    You can never go wrong with a local person's recommendations!

  5. One of my favourites is the 'kumpir' in Turkey. It's a potato loaded with lots of toppings - sour cream, hot dogs, cous cous, beans, etc. It sounds a little overboard, but it's so delicious!