Monday, 28 July 2014

Review: Backyard Cinemas

Cinema under the stars on a muggy, clear London evening - bliss.

Backyard Cinema has launched a summer series of film screenings on the cobbles on Camden Lock showing everything from cult favourites like Spinal Tap and the Goonies to classics like the Grease and Ghostbusters.

Movie viewers kickback in comfy deckchair and luxury beanbags; and just in case things get a little nippy you can hire a fleecy throw for £1 and snuggle up.

We were there for a special preview event - the first time for organisers and stuff to run through everything before the public screenings.

Relaxing in our deckchairs with full stomachs from the various Camden Market food stalls, as darkness finally came we settled in popcorn in hand.

A SMALL Negative
Maybe picking a film that's run time comes in at two and a half hours was not a the greatest idea for a test screening.

As with any preview event hiccups are to be expected, but a half hour delay in the screening of Pulp Fiction meant the credits didn't roll until after last Tube time - not an ideal situation on a Tuesday night.

I'm sure timing issues will have been sorted out by the main screenings.

The BIG Positives
Fantastic location. Great sound, clear screen and great seating (many outdoor cinemas ask guest to bring their own).

All the staff were friendly and the popcorn and drinks delicious. 

Backyard Cinema runs until September 4.

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