Monday, 29 November 2010

Off to Bruges

The weather is getting chilly and the days are shorter. For a southern hemisphere girl I need to be reminded that these are the signs of Christmas.

I should have no trouble remembering this coming weekend as I head to Bruges for the annual Christmas Markets.

The BBC weather page says the highest temperature in Bruges between Sunday and Thursday is going to be -1°C... with snow! The lowest, an overnight temperature of -8°C. 

It's a good thing I've just stocked up on wintery supplies from that great British store TK Maxx.

In one successful shopping trip I now have a pair of sheepskin boots, a padded hoodied sweater, jacket, hat and woolly socks. Ahhh.

Now for some Belgian mulled wine!

Read all about our Bruges Xmas experience here.


  1. I love Bruges, My other half proposed to me there in 2008 so anything to do with the place fills me with glee ( no not that sickly singing programme my son is trying to get me into :-)
    Your picture of Bruges at Christmas looks wonderful, every time myself and me fella have been its been in May over my birthday, would love to do a Christmas trip.
    Just thought I'd drop by as your picture shows my two favourite things: Christmas and Bruges.
    Have a lovely week :-) x

  2. Aww :-) thanks Carrie, what a lovely comment! Top marks on the proposal in Bruges - you're husband is one clever cookie!