Monday, 10 September 2012

England's Theme Parks: Thorpe Park

Sometimes you really just need a good old scream. 

And what better way to induce such a sound than a trip to a thrilling theme park.

Over the years I've visited my fair share - Movie World, Dreamworld, Wet'n'Wild and Sea World on Australia's Gold Coast, Disneyland in LA and Paris and Universal Studios Florida and LA.

I might add that I visited all these parks as an adult. My childhood trips to Rainbow's End in New Zealand and the Gold Coast took place when I was still a little scared of roller coasters so stuck to the rides that didn't go upside down.

Living with a roller coaster fiend means we can never go too long between thrill-seeking journeys.

So for a (very) late birthday treat I took the lovely Nick on a trip to Surrey's famous Thorpe Park.

Known for its thrills without frills, Thorpe Park is an adrenalin junky's dream! You wont find any Mickey Mouse magic here, just good, fast, and slightly scary, rides.

Also on show are some of the UK's finest spray tans, false eyelashes, hair extensions and bad tattoos - the perfect place for a bit of people watching!

But onto the rides! Here's a run down of what we rode...

Nemesis Inferno
Inverted coaster - just a little bit scary.
Classic roller coaster with a massive 10 loops. Dizzy much?
A few steep drops. The ride is a little jerky resulting in brain rattling.
Ready, set, go! Stealth accelerates to 130 km/h (80 miles) in under 2 seconds and throws you up 62 metres in the air. 
The Swarm
Thorpe Park's newest ride, riders are position either side of the main track and rotate as the coaster makes its way around the ride.
Like a giant crazy swing. So much fun!
While it didn't look like much, Rush is surprising frightening! As two giant arms swing you back and forth into the air the lap belt holding you in doesn't quite feel secure enough - how about a harness?

The park also hosts a range of water rides if you're in the mood for a soaking and aside from the coasters there are a bunch of funfair games that will surely put a dent in your pocket if you are determined to win.

While it lacks the atmosphere of the American giants if you're interested in some of the best rides around without any fuss, Thorpe Park is for you!


  • Catch a National Rail train to Staines (Oyster Cards not accepted)
  • A shuttle to the park leaves directly beside the station
  • Look out for promotional 2-4-1 offers (we used the deal on the Frijj Flavoured Milk labels). 
  • See if your train service provider has any deals

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