Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Christmas in Iceland: It's booked!

Guess what?

I'm heading to Iceland... for Christmas!

Nick, our friends Jay and Andy, and I will spend five nights in this chilly Nordic land exploring as much as we can and trying to catch a glimpse of the northern lights.

We fly to Reykjavik on December 21 and spend a night by the airport before picking up our car and heading north to Akureyri for three nights where we hope to see the aurora borealis.

Our plans and itinerary are far for finalised, but we have booked all our accommodation and something I'm rather excited about... Dog sledding! 

It might not be a traditional Icelandic activity, but I couldn't pass up the chase to race along the snow with a pack of huskies.

We still have no plans for Christmas day - hopefully we can find a place for a good meal somewhere in Reykjavik - and there is the issue of buying a bunch of Iceland proof clothes.


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  • Been to Iceland before? Please share your tips & tricks here and on Twitter.

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